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Looking for love in the Netherlands? Get ready to be charmed by Dutch brides! Known for their intriguing character traits, these ladies are not afraid to make the first move. Discover why dating a Dutch woman is an unforgettable experience filled with cultural richness and open-mindedness.

4 Intriguing Facts About Dutch Brides

  • Gender equality: The Netherlands is often regarded as one of the most gender-equal countries in the world, with Dutch women enjoying a high level of independence and empowerment. They actively participate in politics, business, and academia.
  • Tall stature: On average, Dutch brides are among the tallest worldwide, especially when it comes to females. The height difference can be attributed to genetics but also improved healthcare and nutrition over generations.
  • Cycling culture: In the Netherlands, cycling is not just a means of transportation; it’s deeply ingrained into daily life. Women can often be seen effortlessly riding bicycles while going about their day-to-day activities like commuting or grocery shopping.
  • Social progressiveness: The progressive nature of Dutch society extends towards attitudes surrounding relationships, too – many couples choose not to get married formally but instead opt for long-term partnerships without legal obligations.

Why Are Dutch Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Firstly, Dutch brides are often described as direct and straightforward in their communication style. Dutch wives value honesty and appreciate clear-cut conversations without beating around the bush. 

This trait can sometimes be perceived as bluntness by people, who are accustomed to more indirect forms of communication but is highly appreciated within the context of interpersonal relationships in the Netherlands.

Additionally, assertiveness is another key characteristic found among many Dutch brides. They tend to express their opinions confidently while also respecting other points of view during discussions or debates on various topics. Dutch brides’ ability to stand up for themselves stems from a society that encourages individuality and personal freedom.

Independence plays an important role in shaping the personalities of many Dutch brides, too. A significant number choose not only professional careers but also prioritize developing skills outside traditional gender roles, such as home maintenance or car repairs. 

These skills are traditionally associated with men’s responsibilities elsewhere but are taken on willingly by Dutch women.

Moreover, Dutch brides place great emphasis on work-life balance. Throughout history, the concept has been engrained into Dutch society. Employees are encouraged to take breaks throughout the day and maintain a healthy separation between work and personal life. 

Due to equality-focused government policies, motherhood doesn’t limit the career prospects of Dutch women significantly.

Dutch brides are also known to be open-minded and accepting of diversity. The Netherlands has a long history of tolerance, which is reflected in the country’s attitude towards different cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Dutch wives embrace diversity without judgment or prejudice; they celebrate individuality as an essential part of their society.

Another prominent characteristic among Dutch mailorder brides is their strong sense of responsibility. They take pride in being reliable and trustworthy individuals who can be counted on when needed. This responsible attitude extends not only to personal matters but also encompasses societal issues such as sustainability and social justice.

Lastly, Dutch brides value quality over quantity. While they enjoy material possessions and comforts, the emphasis is on choosing fewer items that are higher in quality rather than accumulating numerous cheap items. 

This approach extends beyond domestic goods and also applies to relationships and friendships. Dutch wives prefer a close-knit circle of trusted friends rather than a large group with superficial connections.

What Are Dutch Wives Like?


If you’re curious about what makes Dutch wives so special, buckle up for a thrilling ride through their vibrant personalities! Known for having an infectious sense of humor that can brighten even the gloomiest day, these partners are like rays of sunshine in human form.

Passion runs deep within them; Dutch wives approach life with an unwavering intensity that is undeniably captivating. Whether it’s pursuing hobbies or embracing new experiences together, their fervor knows no bounds. You’ll never find yourself bored when partnered with a passionate Dutch wife – they have this incredible ability to ignite sparks in your soul.

Expressiveness is another jewel in their crown; communication flows effortlessly from them like rivers flowing toward laughter and understanding. Dutch wives wear emotions on their sleeves but also possess exceptional listening skills – trust me when I say there won’t be any dull moments during heartfelt conversations with prospective Dutch wives!


Cooperativeness lies at the core of who they are as individuals and partners alike. A true team player by nature, your Dutch wife will always support you wholeheartedly while working side-by-side towards common goals.

But wait – there’s more! Brace yourselves because energy levels skyrocket around vivacious Dutch brides; being sluggish simply isn’t part of their vocabulary! From adventurous escapades to wild dancing nights out (and everything else under the sun), expect nothing less than full-throttle enthusiasm wherever you go together with Dutch brides.

Why Are Dutch Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

  1. First, let’s talk about diversity. The Netherlands is known for its multicultural society, so it comes as no surprise that Dutch brides have developed an appreciation for different cultures. They crave excitement and adventure from someone who can bring new perspectives into their lives.
  2. Another reason could be the tallness factor! Yes, you heard right, being one of the tallest nations in Europe means that finding someone taller than them might prove to be quite challenging within local boundaries. So naturally, Dutch mailorder brides set out on a mission to find Mr. Right abroad!
  3. Let’s not forget about those open-minded attitudes towards relationships either. In this modern era where traditional gender roles are fading away like yesterday’s fashion trend (remember bell-bottom pants?), Dutch brides want partners who share similar values when it comes to equality and independence.
  4. Last but not least: language skills! English proficiency among the population enables many Dutch mailorder brides to easily communicate with potential international suitors without any major barriers or misunderstandings.
  1. Dutch brides also crave adventure – after all, they come from a country famous for its globetrotters like Abel Tasman and Willem Barentsz. Their curiosity about different cultures pushes them towards seeking international connections as well as experiencing life beyond what is familiar to them.

Where To Meet Dutch Brides?

If you are captivated by the beauty and charm of Dutch brides, finding the perfect place to meet them might be on your mind. 

Fortunately, there is a plethora of online platforms that cater specifically to those interested in connecting with Dutch mailorder brides. These websites provide an avenue for individuals seeking meaningful relationships or even marriage.

Dutch mail-order bride sites offer a convenient and efficient way to connect with potential partners from this enchanting European country. By joining these platforms, you gain access to profiles filled with lovely Dutch mailorder brides who possess unique cultural backgrounds and qualities. It allows users worldwide to interact directly while exploring shared interests and preferences.

What Are The Benefits of Using Dutch Mail Order Bride Services?

  • For starters, it takes away all the guesswork. No more awkward first dates with someone whose online profile was completely different from reality. With these services, you can rest assured that the Dutch mailorder brides are genuine and serious about finding love.
  • One major advantage is that Dutch brides have been raised in an open-minded society where gender equality is highly valued. This means they will be supportive partners who believe in sharing responsibilities within a relationship. Gone are the days when household chores were solely designated to one person while others sat back comfortably – now it’s teamwork!
  • Not only do these ladies value equality; but Dutch brides also prioritize education and career growth. So if intellectual stimulation turns you on (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t it?), then consider dating a smart and ambitious Dutch mail-order bride! Dutch wives know how to hold engaging conversations across various topics.
  • Another advantage is cultural exchange: marrying someone from another country opens up doors for learning about new traditions and customs firsthand. Imagine celebrating Sinterklaas together or experiencing Koningsdag in full swing every year!
  • Last, convenience! You don’t need to pack up your bags or spend money on expensive flights to potential Dutch wives just yet. Thanks to modern technology like video calls & messaging platforms provided by most reputable platforms nowadays, communicating with potential matches has never been easier!

Avoiding Dutch Mail Order Bride Scams

1. Do your research: Before committing any time or money to a website offering these services, make sure they have a good reputation. Read reviews from other users and check if they’re registered with any relevant authorities.

2. Trust your gut: If something seems too good to be true when chatting with Dutch brides online, it probably is! Be cautious if someone promises instant marriage without even getting to know each other first.

3. Take it slow: Building genuine relationships takes time and effort. Beware of Dutch brides who try to rush things along too quickly or insist on sending large sums of money early on. And keep in mind that no decent Dutch mailorder bride will shout they love you after two messages or three calls.

4. Video chat before meeting up offline: It’s easy for scammers to hide behind fake profiles/text messages/emails but much harder it is when faced with real-time video conversations! Thus, the next time you are going to chat with prospective Dutch wives, kindly ask them to turn their cameras on and see the reaction!

5. Be aware that true love cannot be bought: Love should never come at such high costs as paying exorbitant fees upfront. Steer clear from platforms demanding hefty payments immediately for connecting you with Dutch mailorder brides.

6. Report suspicious activity promptly: If you suspect fraudulent behavior of some Dutch brides in cyberspace, report it immediately to the Support Team so other users can stay safe!

How to Choose A Reliable Dutch Mail Order Bride Service?

First off, check out security measures. Your online safety should be as solid as Edam cheese! Ensure that the website has robust privacy policies and uses encryption technology to protect sensitive information like credit card details or personal data.

Variety is also important when choosing a reliable Dutch mail-order bride service because let’s face it – everyone has different tastes (just like stroopwafels vs bitterballen!) Make sure there’s an extensive database with diverse profiles of Dutch mailorder brides so that every preference can be catered for.

Remember, folks, transparency goes hand-in-hand with reliability here, too! A trustworthy website will provide clear pricing plans without any hidden costs lurking behind windmills. You deserve honesty just as much as those picturesque tulip fields deserve sunshine!

Success Stories

Mike (40) And Betje (47)

In search of love and companionship, Mike found Betje’s profile from the Netherlands. Her radiant smile instantly captivated his heart as he delved deeper into her enchanting personality described within her bio. With bated breath and trembling fingers, he mustered up the courage to reach out and initiate a conversation.

What began as casual banter soon transformed into meaningful exchanges filled with laughter and shared dreams. Their connection grew stronger with each passing day; they discovered common interests like traveling to exotic destinations or indulging in culinary delights from around the globe.

As weeks turned into months, their bond transcended screens – it became palpable even through distance barriers separating them physically. They found solace in late-night phone calls where secrets were whispered under moonlit skies while stars bore witness to their blossoming love story.

Driven by curiosity mixed with an unyielding desire to meet face-to-face finally led Mike on an impulsive decision, booking a flight halfway across the world just so they could embrace one another’s presence at last! 

When their eyes locked for the first time amidst bustling crowds outside Schiphol Airport terminal doors, everything else faded away except two hearts beating wildly together against all odds. 

It was a testament not only to technology bridging distances but also to how true connections can be forged when souls align perfectly without any reservations.

Cheers To Bruce (31) And Aleid (28)

Once upon a time, Bruce stumbled across a captivating profile that instantly caught his eye. It belonged to Aleid; an enchanting woman from the Netherlands with a smile that radiated warmth and kindness. Intrigued by her elegance and intelligence reflected in every word she wrote, Bruce couldn’t resist sending her a message.

They discovered common interests – art galleries and hiking trails – which further fueled their connection. Each message exchanged was filled with laughter, genuine curiosity about one another’s lives, and dreams shared under starlit skies.

Bruce soon found himself eagerly anticipating each new conversation as he fell head over heels for this extraordinary Dutch beauty named Aleid. She had effortlessly woven herself into the fabric of his life, becoming someone he adored even before meeting face-to-face.

Finally gathering enough courage to take it beyond mere words on screens alone, Bruce suggested they meet halfway between their countries – a quaint little town nestled along the coast where love could unfurl its wings against serene landscapes painted by nature itself.

Their first encounter felt like destiny orchestrating its finest symphony, an ethereal moment when two souls intertwined amidst vibrant tulip fields, each breath heavy with anticipation. Yet there were no nerves or doubts present because deep down both knew something truly magical awaited them.

This love story is a testament to how love transcends boundaries. Aleid’s radiant smile continues lighting up not only Bruce’s world but also those around him. They are living proof that sometimes all it takes is one click, one message to find the love that will forever enrich your life.

Dutch Mail Order Brides Price

If you are considering finding love through a Dutch mail-order bride, it’s important to understand the costs involved. Typically, these services charge an initial service fee ranging from $30 to $70.

In addition to this fee, gifts for your potential bride-to-be should also be considered. Expect gift prices varying from affordable options like flowers or chocolates starting at around $50 up to luxurious items such as jewelry costing $250.

Flights can range anywhere between $500-$1200 per round trip ticket depending upon various factors including seasonality and airline choice.

Accommodation is another essential aspect when meeting your future spouse abroad. Prices vary greatly based on location but anticipate spending approximately $100-$200 per night for a decent hotel room during your stay.

Food expenses will depend largely on personal choices while entertainment costs may include activities like sightseeing tours or dining out together, budgeting around $50-$100 daily would be reasonable for both aspects combined.

The Guide To Marrying Dutch Women

Tips On Dating Dutch Girls

  1. First things first: be prepared for directness like never before. Dutch girls have a no-nonsense approach when it comes to communication. So don’t beat around the bush – Dutch brides appreciate honesty and straightforwardness more than anything else.
  2. Another tip is to embrace their love for outdoor activities. Whether it’s biking along picturesque canals or exploring nature reserves together, showing an interest in being active outdoors will definitely score you some brownie points with potential Dutch mailorder brides.
  3. Now let’s talk about splitting the bill – yes, independence extends even here! In Dutch culture, going “Dutch” is quite common when it comes to footing the bill on dates. So make sure you’re comfortable with sharing expenses and avoid any awkward moments by suggesting separate checks from time to time.
  4. Oh boy…brace yourself for delicious debates! The Netherlands has a rich history of open-mindedness and freedom of expression which means discussions over politics or social issues might pop up during conversations (and trust me; Dutch brides love engaging in intellectual banter).
  5. Last, learn how important gezelligheid is (pronounced heh-SELL-ick-hate). It roughly translates as coziness but encompasses so much more; think of a warm atmosphere filled with laughter shared among friends or loved ones while enjoying good food and drinks!

Meeting Dutch Brides’ Parents: 3 Tips

Tip #1
First, being witty is always appreciated when meeting new people. Show off your sense of humor by engaging in light-hearted conversations or cracking appropriate jokes that will help create a relaxed atmosphere. Remember not to overdo it – subtlety is key when dealing with Dutch brides’ parents.

Tip #2
Second, appearance matters! Making an effort to come neat shows respect and consideration towards the occasion and hosts. Dress smart-casual while still reflecting your style but avoid anything too flashy or revealing as modesty plays an important role in Dutch culture.

Tip #3
Last, don’t hesitate to suggest helping out during the visit. In many households across the Netherlands, offering assistance is considered polite behavior. Whether setting up the table or clearing dishes afterward – these small gestures showcase thoughtfulness and willingness to contribute positively within their family dynamic.

Dutch Wedding Customs

One notable aspect is “Polterabend,” which takes place on the eve before the wedding. Friends and family gather at both houses to break pottery together in hopes of warding off evil spirits from their future lives as a couple. This lively event symbolizes unity as loved ones come together to support them.

During traditional Dutch weddings, it’s common for guests to greet newlyweds outside after exchanging vows or attend church services where they can wish blessings upon them directly. Instead of rice throwing like in some cultures worldwide, you might witness guests tossing confetti or blowing bubbles, making for colorful photo opportunities!

Another unique custom is known as “sawing.” After tying knots around their wrists using colored ribbons representing unity between two families becoming one, couples must work together by sawing through a log placed on two stands symbolizing obstacles they will face throughout marriage. This emphasizes teamwork right from day one!

Modern trends have also made an impact on Dutch weddings; many now include destination ceremonies held abroad instead of within local churches or town halls solely! Couples opt for picturesque landscapes, such as France’s vineyards or Italy’s charming countryside settings while still incorporating touches honoring their heritage wherever possible.


Can You Buy Or Mail Order A Dutch Bride?

No, you cannot buy or mail order a Dutch bride. The concept of purchasing or ordering a person for marriage is illegal and unethical in most countries, including the Netherlands. 

Marriage should be based on love, mutual consent, and free will between two individuals who enter into it willingly. Any attempt to purchase or mail order a bride goes against these principles and violates human rights laws that prohibit trafficking in persons.

Dutch Mail Order Brides Divorce Statistics

The divorce rate is 18%. Dutch wives are valued by their husbands for several reasons. Firstly, they value equality and mutual respect in relationships, making them supportive partners who encourage personal growth and development. Secondly, Dutch culture promotes open communication and honesty, allowing for a strong foundation of trust within the relationship. 

Also, their independent nature means that they can contribute equally to household responsibilities and decision-making processes. 

Lastly, Dutch wives often have a good sense of humor which helps create an enjoyable atmosphere full of laughter and fun moments together.

Do Dutch Brides Keep On Diets?

There is a societal pressure to be thin and maintain an ideal body shape in the Netherlands. However, attitudes towards dieting have been shifting recently as more emphasis is placed on overall health and well-being rather than just appearance. 

Many Dutch women are adopting balanced lifestyles that include regular exercise and mindful eating instead of extreme or restrictive diets. Cultural factors such as cycling being a popular mode of transportation contribute to maintaining healthy weights naturally without necessarily relying solely on strict dieting practices.

What’s Dutch Women’s Attitude To Polygamy?

In general, the Netherlands values monogamous relationships based on mutual consent. Many Dutch women view polygamy as a violation of their rights and autonomy within a relationship. 

However, there may be some individuals who have different perspectives due to religious or cultural reasons. Ultimately, Dutch society prioritizes personal freedom and choice in matters related to relationships.

What’s The Most Common Stereotype Of Dutch Brides?

This would be the one claiming that they are tall, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed. This stereotype stems from the fact that many people associate these physical characteristics with traditional Nordic beauty standards, which have been perpetuated in popular culture for decades.

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